WRAP Sustainable Gifting was born after yet another Christmas with bundles of wrapping paper and sellotape to sort for recycling and rubbish and sending my environment anxiety through the roof.


From wondering how to avoid the same waste issues after birthdays, Christmases and all other gift giving occasions forevermore and wanting to instill change in my offspring, the idea came and grew and grew into what it is today.


I've created a luxury reusable version of wrapping paper in the form of fabric gift bags and fabric squares. Each is printed with our own designs and beautifully made to the highest standard. Made in Britain with a lovely low carbon footprint. 

Thank you for reading!

Caroline x

This image is of our bundles of reusable fabric gift bags and gift wrap bundled up in their belly bands and ready to be shipped out to customers. 

Reusable fabric giftbags and gift wrap